Your home will be built 

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Custom Homes

on time and on budget .

STEP 1.  Decide on a budget that will balance life style with long term financial goals.  WE OFFER FINANCING OPTIONS for the construction phase that other builders do not.  We also have great financing options for your home upon completion with Gershman Mortgage. Call us to set up a meeting to ensure your new home is built on a solid financial foundation. 

STEP 2.  Find a great location that is reasonably close to the people and places you frequent and a place that will make you happy to come home to. With 24 years of experience building in the area, we can help you find the perfect location. 

STEP 3.  Look at homes in magazines and area housing developments to choose a basic style that fits your family.

STEP 4.  We will draw up the plans for your dream home based on all the factors we have discussed.

STEP 5.  And  now the dream takes shape... lots of choices and decisions to be made - all part of the adventure.